Choosing The Greatest 3d Software For Property Creation

3D display design using a moving lenticular sheet module to steer the viewing direction to a wide angle. Using either frontal or rear projection methods, such displays are expensive. The cost of having one projector per view becomes exorbitant for even a reasonable number of views. High-resolution multiview 3D display using a specially design LCD and a lenticular array sheet. A number of LCD manufacturers are developing new technologies to address this issue. For example, a high-density LCD module has been developed by NLT to split the conventional square pixel into N portions, as shown in Fig. Special lenticular arrays are designed to cover each portion with different optics, so that each portion of RGB is directed toward a different view direction.

In fact, for HPO display systems, the horizontal resolution for each view is only 1/N of that of SLM’s native resolution. A number of 3D TV products based on the slanted lenticular screen on LCD techniques are currently available in the commercial market, including manufacturers such as Vizio, Stream TV Networks, Alioscopy, RealD, Philips, Sharp, Toshiba, and TLC. Some of them are working on 4 K UHD and even 8 K versions of 3D TVs. Figure 27 shows the relationship between the pixels and the slanted lenticular sheet for a seven-view display. As the LCD is located in the focal plane of the lenticular sheet, the horizontal position on the LCD corresponds to the viewing angle. Therefore all points on the line A–A direct view 3 in a given direction, and all points on line B–B direct view 4 in another direction.

With this design, each view in the multiview 3D display will have the pixel resolution of the original LCD. As of May 2013, NLT has made two-view and six-view prototypes of autostereoscopic 3D display panels [up to 7. 2 in. One of the major drawbacks of conventional lenticular-lens-based multiview 3D displays is the loss of full resolution of the SLM in each view.

As a result, the optical efficiency of this design is still quite low. (177. 80 cm)], สล็อตออนไลน์ such a relocating screen module design may be very difficult and costly to implement.

The motion parallax is often provided in a stepwise fashion. In this design, the projected light actually has to go through the parallax barrier twice.

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Four-view directional backlight design, consisting of a LED matrix switchable light source, a dual directional prism array, a 240 Hz LCD panel, and a multi-view parallax barrier. 3M directional backlight design, consisting of a specially designed light guide, a sheet of 3D film, a pair of light sources, and a fast switching LCD panel. It is well known that autostereoscopic 3D display systems have preferred viewer position, or “sweet spots, ” where the viewers can gain the best 3D sensation. The locations of the sweet spots are usually fixed and determined by optical and electronic design of the 3D display systems. Due to the physical upper limit on how many views a multiview 3D display can generate, there is always a discontinuity in view switching with respect to the viewing direction.

The way in which the effect of flipping is reduced is evident by examining line A–A, where view 3 predominates, but with some contribution from view 2. Similarly, for the angle corresponding to line B–B, view 4 predominates with some contribution from view 3.

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